Welcome to Space-Aged Bourbon

Welcome to the blog! Allow me to introduce myself — I’m an aerospace engineer with a deep and abiding love of food (eating it, not cooking it), film, The Bachelor, books, travel and science. I tend to post a lot about movies, culture, space, and an assortment of other topics on social media, but ultimately thought a blog might be an overall better outlet for my thoughts. This is my third attempt at a blog. I previously wrote a short-lived movie/tv blog in graduate school (largely focused on the tv shows Battlestar Galactica and Lost) and another devoted to college basketball. My new year’s resolution is to write more (it’s good for the mind and a great alternative to the large amount of time I would otherwise waste on the internet!), so I’m committed to maintaining this one. Since I live far away from most of my relatives, a blog is also a great way for those who are part of our familial diaspora to keep up with me.

The blog title stems from a recent International Space Station experiment on aging whisky in space. I’m from Kentucky, and I know no one wants to go on a long duration mission without bourbon.

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